12 Bizarre Animals You Won’t Believe Are Real

Sometimes you come across an animal that simply surprises you, whether it’s because of its bright colors and fairytale “wings,” or because it appears to have human lips and bulbous eyestalks. Here are some of those types of animals that you have to see to believe they exist.

12. Blue Dragon Sea Slug

The blue dragon sea slug is easily the loveliest slug you’ve ever seen. While it’s like a snail minus the shell — that also lives in the water — it has something that typical garden snails don’t have: a toxic sting that can put a Portuguese man o’ war six feet under.

11. Red-Lipped Batfish

The red-lipped batfish looks like a cross between a bat, a human (with those red the lips), and a fish. It boasts pelvic and pectoral fins that look strangely like legs. The pectoral fins also resemble a pair of furled bat wings, hence the name. This fish gets even weirder with a dorsal spine on its head that glows in the black waters of the deep sea, perfect for luring in prey.

10. Dumbo Octopus

The dumbo octopus has the big, floppy “ears” similar to what made Dumbo, the animated Disney elephant, such an adorable character. However, these “ears” are actually fins that the octopus flaps like wings in order to steer itself, like a type of rudder.

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