Giant Brazilian Bird Is Confounded By A Golf Ball

Manmade objects are not unfamiliar to birds, but a bird in Brazil was surprised by the most unassuming of human playthings—a golf ball. The bird, a large seriema, landed on a golf course in Campo Grande. Upon spotting a number of white golf balls lying on the green, he darted over and picked one up.

Onlookers were surprised when, instead of flying away, the bird ran to a nearby golf cart path, bent his neck, and flung the ball onto the path. Since seriema are highly carnivorous, the bird may have been looking for its next meal: what he thought was another animal’s egg.

Although it’s impossible to tell exactly what the bird expected to happen, his surprise is obvious. The golfers on the course, who kept a respectful distance, were delighted by the bird’s antics.

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