10 Most Beautiful Winged Insects – Who Says Bugs Are Icky?

When you think of insects, your mind may conjure common examples like mosquitoes, flies, tiny black spiders, and gnats. While these insects can be rather ordinary and possibly unpleasant, there are others that are actually quite exquisite. These beautiful bugs boast vivid colors, intricate designs, and unique shapes. Here are some of the most stunning insects you can find around the world.

10. Madagascan Moon Moth

Photo: Pixabay
The Madagascan moon moth, or comet moth, boasts bright shades of yellow and a wingspan of nearly 8 inches across. Though large and brightly colored, the adult moth only lives for about a week, a short time in which to mate.

9. Glasswinged Butterfly

Photo: Flickr/Alias 0591
The glasswinged butterfly is characterized by its see-through wings that are tinted on the edge with colors of darkened red or brown and white. Despite this butterfly’s ethereal, angelic appearance, this butterfly is believed to be toxic to its predators thanks to its food source of Cestrum plants (as a caterpillar) and Asteraceae flowers. It can be found in Central or South America.

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