Check Out The Most Beautiful Trees In The World — Wait Till You See #4!

Joyce Kilmer was onto something when he wrote, “I think that I shall never see/A poem lovely as a tree.” Trees are a vital part of Earth’s ecosystem. Scientists estimate that our planet contains 3 trillion trees, and these beautiful organisms do many things that help animals and humans. Trees replenish the oxygen in the air, provide homes for animals, give food to countless wildlife and give us building materials for our homes. As you think about the many amazing things trees do, take a look at some of the most lovely examples of trees on Earth.

10. Jacaranda

Photo: Flickr/Aditya_

The iconic Jacaranda tree has the most wonderful purple blossoms.

9. Japanese Maple Tree

Photo: Flickr/Sasquatch I
The leaves of Japanese maple trees turn brilliant red and yellow colors in the fall. Portland’s Japanese Garden has plenty of these gorgeous trees on its grounds.

8. Japanese Cherry Trees

Photos: Flickr/halfrain

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Every spring as they come out of their winter slumber, beautiful pink blossoms adorn Japanese cherry trees, called “sakura” in Japan. In Washington D.C. and in Japan, this springtime emergence creates a pink carpet from the sky, and people come out to celebrate.

7. Central Park in the Fall

Photo: Flickr/Anthony Quintano
Central Park in New York contains nearly 175 different types of trees and nearly 23,000 individual specimens. During the fall, the park lights up for a few weeks with brilliant colors.

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