Birth Of Baby Rhino Was Miraculous – Watching Her Chase After Wildebeests Is Miraculously Cute

This video shows just how much fun a baby rhino has at the expense of some wildebeests — the same way a toddler might scatter a flock of birds. She chases after the wildebeests and makes them scatter. This particular rhino was born against all odds and is actually considered a miracle baby.

Pregnant Thandi, the mother rhino, was the only rhino to have survived an attack from poachers back in March 2012. Thandi may have lost her horn to the poachers in the attack but she was able to give birth to a perfectly healthy female calf named Thembi. Out of tragedy came a miracle baby. Now both Thandi and Thembi live peacefully in an animal reserve l0cated in South Africa.

The video showing the calf having fun has warmed the hearts of many Internet viewers from all over the world. See the baby for yourself!

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