South American Village Changes Their Lives to Save One of Earth’s Largest Freshwater Fish

For decades, the natives of the Rewa village in Guyana have enjoyed a tasty meal accompaniment of arapaima, which is among the largest freshwater fish in history.

By the year 2000, as the native population increased, they over-fished and poached arapaima almost to extinction. Even so, all was not lost thanks to efforts by Dr. Lesley de Souza, who teamed up with the natives to restore the dwindling numbers of arapaima.

To conserve arapaima and other species, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala signed a decree to set aside 3.3 million acres of land to create the Sierra del Divisor national park.

We all can learn a lot from these natives and their restoration efforts. Big thanks to Dr. Lesley de Souza for her tremendous work!

Watch the video below to find out more about this and other ways the new national park in the Amazon rainforest could help save the dwindling ecosystem of this area.

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