Watch This Collection of Amazing Animal Migrations

Trekking hundreds of miles across vast terrain; enduring weather conditions of extreme heat and cold; fighting off dangerous predators while facing the unknown — this is what it takes to survive in the wild. Migrations occur across every branch of the animal kingdom, from birds to mammals to insects, but you may not realize how awe-inspiring some of these feats of endurance truly are. From the Arctic tern that flies over 44,000 miles between the Earth’s separate poles to the gray whale whose 172-day journey spans a whopping 14,000 miles, this video from National Geographic showcases some of the most epic migrations that take place in the animal kingdom. That five-minute trek to the supermarket isn’t looking so bad after all.

How exactly do animals navigate from Point A to Point B? Check out some of the incredible research scientists have done on the behaviors and migration patterns of migratory birds.

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