This Herd of Alpacas Knows What to Do When Danger Approaches

When David Capocci from Paca Pride Guest Ranch heard his alpaca herd calling out for help, he rushed to their aid and found something unexpected.

As he approached the animals, Capocci noticed something high up in a tree to the side of the pasture. Apparently the herd didn’t take too kindly to a passing black bear cub who had wandered into their enclosure, and they spooked the bear all the way up a tree.

Alpacas are highly social herd animals with a distinct structure in their family groupings. A territorial alpha male and alpha female leads family groups and when threatened, the family group will defend their grazing area and group members. It is common for the herd to attack and/or ward of smaller predators but to stand their ground against a black bear is really something else!

Watch these brave alpacas stand up to a black bear!

And if you think those alpacas sound crazy, listen to these elk that sound like the Ringwraiths!

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