Algae-Eating Machine Brings New Technology to Florida’s Waterways

Businesses and wildlife along Florida’s Treasure Coast battle a big green monster: algae blooms. There’s good news, though, because help is available in the form of a monster-sized algae-eating machine. Ecosphere Technologies, a Florida-based company, has developed a machine that offers relief to users of area waterways by eliminating algae and bacteria from the water. Martin County business and property owners including Rio, Florida’s Casa Rio Boat, and Motor Sales, hoped it would clear out an entire marina within a week.


Some areas of Florida experience algae that is 4 to 8 inches thick, choking the ecological and economic life out of affected communities. Ecosphere Technologies’ machine destroys tough bacteria strands and algae levels in a variety of water types, according to the company’s representative. The Stuart, Florida, company’s equipment can clean up to 4,000 gallons of water per minute, eliminating the algae and the bacteria that causes it.


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Ecosphere Technologies’ claims were put to the test in July 2016, at a local marina in Rio, Florida, plagued by a toxic cyanobacteria algae bloom. A poisonous blue-green growth as large as a football field and up to 12 inches thick had killed hundreds of fish and shut down area businesses. Faced with a dire situation of environmental and health hazards in the water and air, combined with disastrous financial impact, the community looked forward to the technology company’s demonstration.

Confident in its products and processes, the company paid its own way to demonstrate the algae-eating machine’s capabilities. Using Ozonix, its patented chemical-free solution, Ecosphere Technologies worked with Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection to clean and treat the area’s water. One week later, the cleanup project was complete and a success. Businesses reopened, fish thrived, and people could breathe easier.

While Ecosphere Technologies’ water treatment technology is still in the experimental phase, the water cleansing solution has been used since 2008. Ozonix appears to be a viable option for destroying algae blooms now and in the future. Learn more about toxic algae blooms.

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