There Are More Trees Than Stars in Our Galaxy — But Can We Save Them?

New research based on tree density surveys revealed that there are about 3 trillion trees on Earth. This may seem like there are a lot of trees out there, especially since earlier estimates only found 400 billion. And while the United Nations reported a decreasing deforestation rate in 2010, it turned out that report was based on inaccurate data. In fact, according to a University of Maryland study based on satellite image analysis, during the 1990s and 2000s, the forest loss rate in the tropics accelerated by an alarming 62 percent. If this trend doesn’t reverse, this vital part of the earth’s lungs could face extinction, scientists warn.

This isn’t very good news for the inhabitants of these forests, one of which is the monarch butterfly, a species dependent on the ever-shrinking forests of the Highlands of Michoacan, Mexico, for survival. Find out how you can help La Cruz Habitat Protection Project plant one million trees in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve to help preserve and restore this magnificent creature’s habitat and also make our earth a little greener — one tree at a time.

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