10 Of The Most Intelligent Animals On Earth

7. Crow

The crow is another bird with an excellent memory. Crows can remember human faces, as well as who has acted cruel or kind to them, and they can hold grudges accordingly. Crows also have the ability to manipulate objects and use tools. They know how to drop nuts into traffic or onto rough surfaces to break open the shells, and they can use stones or pebbles to defend themselves.

6. Rat

Photo: Pixabay

Rats may be known as being dirty, pest animals, but they’re also highly intelligent with strong memories. Rats are able to adapt well to changing circumstances and often can navigate complex mazes designed by humans.

5. Pig

Photo: Pixabay

Pigs might also seem like unlikely candidates to be among the world’s smartest animals, but they’re incredibly social. Pigs use 20 types of vocalizations when communicating with each other. While they may be known for wallowing in mud, pigs have the sense to keep their toilet area away from where they live.

4. Dog


Photo: Pixabay

As man’s best friend, dogs have shown they can display high emotional intelligence and an ability to respond to commands. They are highly trainable and can be fast learners. Dogs can also identify a million different types of scents.

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