Crow Helps A Hedgehog Safely Cross The Road

Crows are quite intelligent creatures. We often don’t think of birds as being capable of such intelligence – hence terms such as “bird-brained” – but they actually are remarkably bright.

In fact, when I was a kid I remember my uncle would often feed the crows that lived in the area. As a result, they formed a little friendship, and they’d often bring him little “gifts.”

And there was one very clever little raven who stopped to offer some assistance to a hedgehog that was crossing the road. Unfortunately, the road can sometimes be a dangerous place for wildlife.

Photo: ViralHog

The crow must’ve known this, as it stops to gently guide the hedgehog in the right direction in order to get it out of harm’s way as quickly as possible.

This adorable interaction was captured by a motorist who was driving along the road. The driver had slowed down the car when they saw the little hedgehog critter in the middle of the road. But what the driver did not expect was what happened next.

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Photo: ViralHog

As the driver was waiting for the small animal to get across to safety, a crow swoops down and begins to help out.

The driver manages to capture the moment as the crow gently nudges at the hedgehog with its beak, making sure that he continues to walk towards the side of the road where safety is.

Photo: ViralHog

It is a moment in nature that is truly heartwarming to see.

Watch the video below:

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