Couple Discovers A Lava Tube Underneath Their Home

When you live in a home for a while, you begin to think you know everything about it. From time to time, however, our homes may surprise us and that certainly was the case for a couple in Oregon.

When they were trying to sell their home, they discovered that there was a huge lava tube underneath it.

Suzanne and James Brierley became homeowners in 2017. When they tried to sell their home, they discovered it had a cave underneath but they had no idea it was there previously.

Photo: YouTube/NewsChannel 21

They spoke to a local television station, saying that the realtor had mentioned a cave but didn’t describe how large it was.

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The Brierleys have gone down into the cave but Fox news reports that there are still areas that are unexplored. This particular cave was created from lava flow many years ago. After the lava empties out of the tube, it leaves a cave behind.

Photo: YouTube/NewsChannel 21

There was a small hole on the side of the hill on the property that gave access to the lava tube. Although the hole giving access was small, the tube was massive. Both of them could stand in it and were unable to touch the ceiling.

It is not uncommon for areas of Oregon to have caves as a result of lava beds that were formed hundreds or thousands of years ago. Some of those underground caves were even used by NASA as training grounds for the lunar landings.

Photo: YouTube/NewsChannel 21

After making the discovery, the Brierleys are still leaving, but they hope the new owners will take care of the cave. With comfortable temperatures year-round, they say it is a great place to hang out!

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