Couple Finds 18 Snakes Under Their Bed Before Going To Sleep

“Snakes under the bed” sounds like the title of a horror B-flick, but for one couple in Georgia, it was a real-life nightmare that will make us all want to check under our beds before going to sleep tonight.

Trish Wilcher, and her husband Max, are residents of Augusta, Georgia. They had been getting ready for bed on Sunday night when the nightmare began.

There was nothing out of the ordinary from their routine, until Trish noticed something on the ground that she believed to be some “fuzz.”

She bent down to pick it up but was horrified when the “fuzz” started to move. But the shock didn’t end there. Much to Trish’s horror there were other bits of “fuzz” on the ground that began to move!

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Speaking to WJBF-TV, Trish recalled, “And then a second later another piece moved. And I went to my husband: ‘We have snakes!'”

Thoroughly freaked out, Trish went on Facebook to vent her nightmarish situation with the world, explaining that she had initially counted 9 baby snakes crawling around on the ground.

However, after she and Max “turned the bedroom upside down” looking for more, they discovered that there was actually a grand total of 17 baby snakes in their room! And if that wasn’t bad enough, the snakes’ mama was also hiding beneath their bed.

Rather than calling someone – or setting fire to the home as I would have – Max bravely used a grabber tool to pick up each and every one of the snakes and pale them into a linen bag. He was at it until midnight, when he was sure that every single snake had been picked up and placed in the bag. Then, he took all the baby snakes and their mother to a local creek area and released them back into the wild.

Trish assumed that since authorities had recently cleared some nearby land, the snake must’ve found her way into the Wilchers’ home in order to have her babies. An environmental educator for the Phinizy Center for Water Sciences, Camilla Sherman, agreed with Trish’s speculation stating that snakes will sometimes make their way into peoples’ homes in search of a quiet place to lay their eggs.

According to Fox 13 News, Sherman further added that, sometimes, snakes will also find their way into homes if there happens to be a decent food source, such as rodents. As she explained it, “If you have a mouse problem, the snakes are going to come and try to help you with that.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Even though Max removed all the snakes, Trish stated that she probably wouldn’t be getting much sleep after that. In her post, she wrote, “I may need a cardiologist after this.” And we probably do too.

Samantha Kennett, a wildlife technician, spoke to Channel 2 Action and explained that if you see a snake you shouldn’t try to harm it as they are crucial to the environment and they play an important role in controlling rodent populations. However, she did warn Georgia residents to be vigilant of the state’s 6 venomous snake species, including the copperhead.

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