I Can’t Believe What Costa Rica Has Done…

There’s no doubt that the world’s climate is warming, and that human activity is the most likely culprit for this drastic climate shift.

All around the globe, people are calling for more green and renewable options to help reduce their carbon footprint. Hybrid cars, options for wind or hydroelectric electricity generation, and a turn towards compostable plastics are part of this larger trend.

But the fact remains that for many nations, their economies and infrastructure still depend largely on oil. Embracing green energy means redesigning national energy plans, and for many, that’s a lot of work and effort to go against the status quo.

Some politicians even argue that it’s not worth the effort.

Costa Rica definitely doesn’t agree with them, though.

This tiny Latin American country has astounded the world by powering its entire nation on sustainable energy for 75 straight days, a new world record. Thanks to heavy rainfalls at four hydroelectric power plants, there was no need to burn fossil fuels to provide the nation with electricity during the months of January, February, and March.


Costa Rica has considerable advantages over other nations in achieving this remarkable accomplishment. It’s a relatively small nation and most of their industries are not heavily dependent upon electricity.

Still, this is a huge accomplishment for any nation of any size. It’s proof that someday, we CAN run off 100% sustainable energy, so long as we have the commitment to research and invest in these planet-saving technologies.

Unfortunately, however, the United States is not as committed to green energy as Costa Rica is. Despite the numerous health and environmental concerns, fracking continues to be an increasingly prevalent way of extracting natural gas.

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