Conserving Our Coral Reefs

Did you know that coral, while it looks like is a plant, isn’t a plant at all? It’s actually an animal and a relative of jellyfish and anemones. They’re also one of the richest and most biodiverse areas in the world. Some reefs are known to be home to thousands of species of marine life. And it’s not just these animals that rely upon the reefs for survival.

Humans also rely upon coral reefs for scientific research. They’re even being used to develop medicines. Their value is yet to be completely understood, as they could be vital to treating diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

Clearly, protecting them is incredibly important.

However, it’s also a delicate balancing act between environmental needs and human populations that depend on the reefs to survive. This TED-Ed talk by Joshua Drew explains how the islands of Fiji are using the “connectivity” system to keep both people and the planet happy.

Watch the video to learn more about it!

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