Condors Fly Again In Chile

Recently, a dozen rare, Andean Condors were rescued after they mysteriously fell to the ground. The cause for their crash is unknown, but thankfully, they were nursed back to health with the help of the Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service and released back to their mountain habitat.

These birds are the largest birds of prey in the world and among the largest birds that are able to fly– they can weigh up to 33 pounds and have a wingspan of nearly 10 feet! Their size makes their ability to fly incredibly impressive, but because it can also be difficult, they tend to reside in areas where they have the support of wind, which makes flying just a bit easier.

Unfortunately, Andean Condors were illegally hunted for years, making them especially endangered. We’re so happy these guys were able to be safely released back into the wild!

Watch the video to see their return!

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