Birdwatcher Shares How To Recognize The Calls Of 25 Backyard Birds

It’s always nice to have a hobby and, depending upon where you live, birdwatching may be one of them. It’s a hobby that continues to grow as we learn more about the feathered animals in our local area.

More than likely, if you have been birdwatching for just a short amount of time, you have already seen your fair share of birds. You probably know them by sight but do you know them by sound?

Photo: YouTube/Badgerland Birding

It can be difficult to learn the sounds of the various birds, as you have to see them and then listen to what they are saying. It’s easier, now that Derek Sallmann posted a video explaining how to identify 25 common birds found in the central and eastern United States.

Derek is the owner of Badgerland Birding. He makes it easy to identify the sounds of the birds because he names them, shows you a picture of them, and then plays a clip of the bird call.

Photo: YouTube/Badgerland Birding

He also makes it easier to identify the sounds by giving you something to remember them by. It makes it easier to remember when you are in the field.

There are many different birds you are likely familiar with in this video. The blue jay, robin, woodpecker, and others are covered.

Photo: YouTube/Badgerland Birding

The only thing you need to worry about is if there is a mockingbird in the area.

Here is the video:

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