Breaking Conservation News — We Protected a Troop of Black-Headed Spider Monkeys!

The Rainforest Site’s campaign to protect the endangered cotton-top tamarin has yielded an unexpected, yet pleasant result — twenty-one black-headed spider monkeys have been spotted on the Titi National Reserve in Colombia!

Colombian black-headed spider monkeys are some of the most endangered and least studied primates in the “New World” — estimates put their population range between seventy and 100 individuals. Their numbers have been driven down by loss of habitat, exotic animal trafficking, and hunting for bushmeat.

That’s why the work that our partners Rainforest Trust and ProAves accomplish is so critical — with their help and yours, we were able to give a home to an entire troop of these critically endangered monkeys, and another chance at survival.

Watch the video to find out more about black-headed spider monkeys and the Titi Cotton-Top Reserve.

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