QUIZ: 13 Things You’d Never Know About Coffee

Legend has it that the origins of coffee can be traced back to goats. No, really. The story goes that there was once an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi, who one day watched watched his goats eat berries from a certain tree, then watched his goats’ energy surge to a point that the last thing they wanted to do was sleep.

Kaldi went on to report his findings to members of the local monastery, who in turn went on to try the berries themselves, in drink form. They too experienced a surge of energy.

And word spread to the Arabian Peninsula. Coffee would soon be enjoyed in homes, as well as in public coffee houses.

So many of us across the globe continue to enjoy coffee, whether it be a morning “pick me up,” or a social gathering at the local coffee shop. It’s a beverage that gathers us, that energizes us.

I mean, you fancy it enough to find yourself here. But how much do you really know about coffee? You’re about to find out!

Answer the 13 trivia questions about coffee below to find out where you stand amongst coffee lovers!

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As you may have seen in the quiz you just completed, coffee faces a grim future. A recent report by the Climate Institute states that climate change will reduce the area suitable for coffee growth by 2050.

The same report projects wild coffee being extinct by 2080.

But how can we help? How can we save coffee? We can start by fighting to give coffee farmers something they currently have so little of: options. How we combat climate change’s threat to coffee is to innovate, to fund research pivotal to the discovery of new coffee farming techniques, to keep farmers from having to trudge up those mountainsides. A fighting chance for coffee farmers worldwide – that’s what agricultural innovation will allow; that’s what we must strive for, what we must request from Kanayo F. Nwanze, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

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