Cockatoos Learn How To Make Their Own Tools To Extract Fruit

If you’ve ever had a bird in your life, you already realize that they can be quite intelligent. Perhaps we might think about a pet bird that we had, one that could escape from almost any cage or that would mimic anything we said.

Although many birds are intelligent, it seems as if some wild Goffin’s Cockatoos are now raising the bar for all of our feathered friends.

They did what very few other birds have been able to do – they created a tool so they could get the fruit out of a mango pit.

Photo: Pixabay/thịnh nguyễn xuân

These cockatoos were being held in Indonesia after being captured in the wild. Goffin’s cockatoos are known as one of the smartest birds in existence, but I think that this trick even surprised the experts.

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It happened when the birds were being studied by Mark O’Hara and Berenika Mioduszewska on the island of Tanimbar. O’Hara described it in this way:

“I’d just turned away, and when I looked back, one of the birds was making and using tools. I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

Photo: YouTube/Science Magazine

Perhaps one of the reasons why this was such a surprise is because they had already been watching the birds for some 900 hours. Suddenly, they started using tools and everyone was floored.

This species of cockatoo is not the first to have developed tool use. Other bird species have also made stick tools, including the Hyacinth Macaw, and the New Caledonian Crow.

Photo: flickr/Tambako The Jaguar

Even though it came as a surprise, the intelligence of Goffin’s cockatoos has been documented over the years. They have been seen solving a number of puzzles and can work themselves out of almost any situation.

This observation, however, seems to take things to a higher level because they are using a set of tools that they created and using them in order.

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