Reporter Freaks Out When A Giant Cicada Lands On His Jacket During A Broadcast

A large cicada landed on a reporter during a broadcast and his reaction was priceless.

While doing a live shot for a broadcast, CNN reporter Manu Raju had an unexpected guest join him. Raju shared the hilarious incident on Twitter where it went viral for his reaction to the situation.

In the video, you can see Raju standing camera-ready in front of a green screen. The camera is rolling and he’s ready to film.

Photo: Twitter/Manu Raju

However, it’s not long before a large cicada appears in the shot and lands right on his jacket! Raju had no idea at first, but the massive bug slowly started crawling up his jacket until it reached his neck.

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No one thought to mention the fact that a large bug was about to crawl into the collar of his neck, so Raju had to learn the news the hard way.

Photo: Twitter/Manu Raju

As soon as the bug disappears from sight into his collar, Raju freaks out and starts swatting at his neck.

Photo: Twitter/Manu Raju

After calming down a bit, he can be heard saying, “Is it in my hair? Where the f*ck are cicadas coming from?!”

Watch the hilarious video below:

After spending 17 years underground, billions of Brood X cicadas have emerged and are making their presence known in the Eastern United States.

Photo: flickr/AFPMB

If you happen to live in an area that’s experiencing a cicada invasion, then you know all too well how hard it is to avoid the large insects.

Thankfully, they’re harmless to humans. Even so, we’d probably freak out, too, if one crawled down our neck.

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