These Salmon Are Swimming Upstream To Spawn In The Most Unlikely Places

Driving can be extremely dangerous, especially when roads become flooded. But it can be even more dangerous for fish — particularly fish that lose their way from the river and end up trying to cross flooded roads instead!

Every year in western Washington, chum salmon can be seen swimming as hard as their bodies will let them as they attempt to cross streets that have been flooded by nearby rivers. They simply get a little lost, and then end up needing to take some serious detours. It is an incredible sight to see!

Chum salmon are Pacific fish that are commonly found in Washington state. This particular species spends much of its time out in the open ocean, but from November through January, they come back inland to reproduce and build their nests in the rivers.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult for them to find the right river path, and in those cases, it’s just easier to cross the street and follow the flow of the water.

Take a look at the video to watch these peculiar fish in action!

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