Don’t Ever Underestimate a Chipmunk

There are 24 species of chipmunks in the Americas and they all have a few things in common! Most notably, they all forage and store food like nuts and seeds. Some of them even do this to prepare for long winters when food is hard to come by! Chipmunks will hibernate through the winter, however, they do not store any fat and are unable to survive hibernation without a steady source of food. Chipmunks will steadily dip into their collection of nuts and seeds throughout the winter — this being the reason why they forage and store seeds during the fall season.

But how do they transport their bounty from one place to another? With their impressive cheek pouches, of course! Their cheeks acts as grocery bags and they are capable of stretching to three times the size of their head! Now that is one effective way to carry your food!

Watch the video below to see the cute chipmunk and its cheeks in action!

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