Chinese Mountain Cats Caught On Camera For The First Time

There is no doubt that cat videos are a popular commodity on the Internet. People will go from one video to the next, trying to soak up as much of those adorable felines as they possibly can.

In most cases, those cat videos feature the kitties that we would find in the average home, but there are also many cats that live in the wild.

This includes the Chinese Mountain Cats (Felis bieti), which have been very elusive when it comes to video. They are not necessarily camera-shy, they just are extremely endangered.

Photo: YouTube/CGTN

In China, the Chinese Mountain Cats are listed as a second-class protected wild animal. They are also an endangered species, which makes them one of the rarest types of cats in the world.

As you can imagine, it was pretty amazing when a family of Chinese Mountain cats was captured on video.

Photo: YouTube/CGTN

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Chinese Mountain Cats are in danger from many different directions. Humans in the area pose danger to the cats, as they are often hunted for their fur to make various accessories.

In addition, the main prey of the cat has been poisoned in an organized fashion, making it difficult for them to eat.

Photo: YouTube/CGTN

It was in 2007 that the first picture of the Chinese Mountain Cat was seen. We now have a video to add to it. Check it out below:

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