China’s Most Amazing Animals

The Sichuan province of China is home to a wide variety of animals that make their home in the secluded Shenzi mountain range. The lush forests surrounding the area provide ideal conditions for the growth of bamboo– a plant that is essential to the diet of giant panda bears.

A research team was recently allowed to enter this protected area to learn more about the incredible animals that live there, including the giant panda.

golden monkey

While there, they encountered the golden snub-nosed monkey and the incredibly rare crested ibis while searching for traces of the giant panda. Many of the animals in this region were once thriving.

However, habitat loss and hunting have severely depleted their populations. Thankfully, there have been laws enacted to protect these vulnerable species.

Take a look at the video below, where a narrator guides us through beautiful footage of these lovely animals in their natural habitat!


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