This Animal Hasn’t Been Seen in China in Over 60 Years…

For the first time in over sixty years, tigers have returned to mainland China. It’s believed that there are around 450 tigers in Russia, and for many years the population migrated over the border between China and Russia. The tiger population was heavily decimated in the early 1950s, where the population dropped from 4,000 to a few dozen in a matter of a decade. In 1979, the Chinese government banned the hunting of tigers but sadly, the population has yet to rebound… Until now.

In November of 2014, however, this adorable tiger family was spotted over 30 kilometers inside China, which means the tiger population has transitioned to re-establishing a permanent presence in China. It’ll take years and years to see the population sustain in China but signs are looking strong!

Now watch the amazing footage of this beautiful tiger family returning to mainland China.

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