The Outtakes From These Wild Chimpanzees Are Absolutely Hysterical

Similar to what you’d find at the end of a movie, the Jane Goodall Institute’s Chimpanzee Outtakes is unplanned, outlandish, and anything but predictable–much like life, only with chimps.

The best part? Seeing healthy, safe chimpanzees in their natural environment thanks to the tireless work of the Institute.

Screen Shot: YouTube/Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

After watching this video, you’ll probably notice that chimpanzees and humans are not so different after-all. We are curious social creatures and we do enjoy a good time here and there.

Fun facts about chimps: When chimpanzees are bored, they create games to entertain themselves and others. This usually involves tickling, tagging, and running with each other!

Screen Shot: YouTube/Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

They also have been observed laughing when playing with other chimpanzees and are able to show complex emotions. Perhaps my favorite fact — When sick, chimpanzees know which plants to eat to help them feel better. How cool is that?!

Share laughs and smiles with these chimpanzees and watch the video below. Enjoy!

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