9 Drawings From Children Who Desperately Want To Help Our Oceans

Despite the fact that there are plenty of adults that know all about the fact that our planet’s oceans are being relentlessly polluted by plastic, the vast majority of them are either too busy to help or simply unwilling to actually care.

Maybe it can seem like what happens in the ocean doesn’t really affect our daily lives, especially when we live far away from any kind of salt water. There are plenty of excuses people use to sweep the issue under the rug.

But for some reason, children always seem to see things much more clearly than the adults. They see things as they are, and when things seem like they are wrong, they want to do something about it to help fix the problem.

This makes children incredible people who really should have their voices heard more often.

So instead of just trivializing the messages of our next generation, maybe we should all take a listen to what they are saying about our oceans.

Check out the drawings below and take to heart what these incredible kids have to say.

Claire B., Grade 6, California

“Marine debris can cause starvation, suffocation, and death to marine life. The toxins in plastic can work up the food web into our stomachs. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, instead it photodegrades, which means that the sun breaks it down into small pieces. Even phytoplankton consume these small plastic toxins. I am going to use less single-use plastics and I will conduct my own beach cleanups.”

Flickr/NOAA Marine Debris Program
Flickr/NOAA Marine Debris Program

Carson M., Grade 2, Georgia

“When people throw trash on the beach and in the water it makes the ocean sick. The animals think it’s food and eat it. Some of them get tangled in trash. If the sea gets sick, the world gets sick too. I will tell people not to throw trash on the beach and in the sea. I will also clean up the beach before it goes into the sea.”

Flickr/NOAA Marine Debris Program
Flickr/NOAA Marine Debris Program

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Gautham K., Grade 4, California

“Marine debris pollutes the natural habitat of sea animals. It makes it difficult for them to live in their environment. To help protect them and our oceans we should make sure that we do not pollute our seas and oceans. We should create awareness among the public.”

Flickr/NOAA Marine Debris Project
Flickr/NOAA Marine Debris Program

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