See What This Overly Friendly Cheetah Does When it Finds a Camera in the Savanna

Cheetahs are so fast (the fastest land animal on the planet) that it’s hard to get a really good close-up look at one. Running at nearly 75 MPH makes these cats the fastest land animal on the planet, and also difficult to film.

The animals are also in danger of becoming close to extinct because they habitats have been so severely narrowed down.

Female cheetahs are not territorial, but they roam over home ranges that can vary from 50 sq km to over 3,000 sq km, making it nearly impossible to keep them contained in any kind of wildlife reserve.

Since they roam such vast distances, these beautiful creatures are sometimes hard to find, let alone get good views on tape.

However, thanks to one special one Safari Footprints guide, Matthew Copham, was able to capture some rare face-to-face footage of this beautiful big cat by managing to put a camera in just the right place at just the right time.

Have a look at the charming video below, and make sure to keep it in your mind because cheetahs this up close and personal a very rare to see!

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