Cheetahs ‘Meow’ Like House Cats In Surprising Video

Imagine this: You’re out on a trek in some African savannah, watching the breathtaking natural world around you.

Suddenly, you spot a cheetah not far from your position. Through tall grass, it stirs and heads in your direction.

Now would be a good time to run, right? (Good luck outrunning a cheetah…)


Well, maybe. But if you ignore your better judgment and stick around, you might just hear a surprising sound.

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If you’re not planning a trip out to the savannah any time soon, though, we’ve got you covered: A YouTube video of two cheetahs approaching a person being shared on social media is surprising viewers for an interesting reason: They meow!

Photo: Max Pixel

Come to think of it, this definitely makes sense. Cheetahs are, for all their impressive sprinting and hunting skills, just big cats, right?

Still, while they might be big, their tiny little meows (and even a few purrs!) heard in the video caught several viewers by surprise. I guess that I, like a lot of others, thought that big cat = big roar, but that’s not always the case, especially when they’re in a good mood.


As commenters pointed out, the video (which you can see below) is likely of two young cheetahs that were either raised in captivity or at least had grown accustomed to human contact.

Encounters with wild cheetahs aren’t likely to involve a lot of meowing, but these sociable little guys show that behind their intimidating eyes and fierce fangs, they’re just like any other house cat you might hear back home.

Watch the full video below for some truly surprising cat sounds!

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