Watch An Adorable Hedgehog Take A Bath

There are some pretty cute animal videos floating around on the Internet, but one of the best might just be the one of Chappi the African pygmy hedgehog playing in the bath.

The adorable hedgehog found a way to love bath time and she did it by splashing around with her tiny little paws.

In a video shared on Instagram, you can see Chappi in a tiny bathtub, enjoying the water. She uses her paws to make splashes and seems to be having a great time.

Chappi passed away back in 2017, but her owner uses her videos and pictures to keep her memories alive.

In an Instagram post, her owner said, “[Chappi] inspired me to be a better person, enjoy more simple things and live every day as if it was the last, live simply. I learned that sometimes when life gets stressful, all you need is take a deep breath for a moment and start again. I’ll always miss my little one, but I’m grateful I got to meet her. She was more than just a pet; she was a tiny part of my soul.”

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Check out some of her photos below:

Photo: Instagram/chappi_momma
Photo: Instagram/chappi_momma
Photo: Instagram/chappi_momma
Photo: Instagram/chappi_momma

It’s clear Chappi and her mom had a beautiful relationship.

Chappi’s mom continues to share memories of the precious Hedgoge on Instagram @chappi_momma, as well as photos and videos of Timothea, a hedgehog Chappi’s mom adopted in 2018.

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