Chameleon Discovers The Joy Of Popping Bubbles

I’m not going to lie, life is a little dystopian at the moment as most of us probably feel like we’re living through a sci-fi novel. But not to worry, there is still joy to be derived from this world.

And no better joy to be found than this precious little chameleon who’s discovering the amusement that are bubbles. Laura was the little baby chameleon filmed in a video where she was perched on her owner’s finger. In the video, you can see her having the time of her life as bubbles float all around her. Laura’s tiny little limbs outstretch themselves trying to get at them.

Fueled by her owner’s encouragement, Laura seems so thrilled to be popping all the bubbles reigning down on her. It is a video that never gets old no matter how many times you watch it.

Photo: Screenshot / Youtube

Given everything that we’re going through as a world right now, this is exactly the type of thing that we need to see.

So, enjoy Laura the Chameleon popping bubbles. It really is such a cute sight:

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