Watch What Happens When A Baby Elephant Is Confronted By A Curious Kitty

The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand is home to a number of rescued elephants in need of rehabilitation and special care. One of the park’s residents, Navann, is a baby Asian Elephant that likes to explore the world. Baby Navann is known for his boundless energy and inquisitive nature in the park, and always keeping his mother and nannies busy. One day, baby Navann and his mother go for a walk and they encounter a furry little creature.

The mother does not think much about it but the baby elephant has a different idea!


Elephants are known for being especially friendly and social creatures — however, cats have a reputation of being a bit more discerning. When the two finally meet, their reactions aren’t terribly surprising, but it’s endearing nonetheless.

Watch the video to see what baby Navann has to think about the strange little creature!

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