Can Ocelots Purr?

Yes!  Like many other wild cats, ocelots are capable of purring in much the same manner as our familiar housecat friends.  Bobcats and lynxes are also known to purr, as is the cougar – but some big cats do not purr.  Instead of purring, lions, tigers, and jaguars roar.

In the U.S., the ocelot is officially designated as an endangered species.  Their habitat is threatened by human activity, and the spaces they can be found are few.  One known ocelot habitat ranges from the southern U.S. into Mexico: the Sky Islands, biologically diverse mountain ranges surrounded by a “sea” of desert and grasslands.  You can join us in a unique opportunity to protect the Sky Islands, and the amazing creatures – like the ocelots – who call them “home.”

Here’s a little more information about the amazing ocelot!

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