Photo Shows Leopard Laying On Hillside But People Struggle To See It

If you are anything like us, you definitely appreciate a good old-fashioned brain teaser, and we have a new one that came about by accident.

34-year-old photographer Abhinav Garg was visiting the Aravali Hills in Jaipur, India when he captured a photo that would end up going viral, but not for the reason he initially thought.

According to LadBible, when Garg set out to the stop to photograph, he was hoping to capture pictures of a leopard that was rumored to be in the area.

Photo: Pixabay

However, after waiting a long time and seeing no signs of the leopard, Garg took some photos of the empty hillside and headed home.

It wasn’t until he was home and looking at his photos on his computer that he noticed something in one of his pictures of the hillside.

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We’re not quite sure how he spotted it, but camouflaged on the grassy hill was a leopard! He’d managed to get the picture and he didn’t even realize it.

He shared it on Instagram, saying, “Share and DM me if you spot the big cat.”

Photo: Instagram/abhinavgarg123

His photo ended up going viral as people from around the world struggled to find the leopard on the hillside.

Can you find it? If not, you wouldn’t be alone. Many people in the comments of his shared photo couldn’t find it either.

Photo: Instagram/abhinavgarg123
Photo: Instagram/abhinavgarg123

While this photo Garg captured was certainly unique and interesting in its own way, he’s actually quite familiar with big cat photographer and has other stunning shots of leopards and other big cats on his Instagram page, @abhinavgarg123.

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