Camera Traps “Capture” Elusive Tigers

Getting accurate data on animals that are secretive by nature, can be incredibly challenging. Take tigers, for instance, which are known for being elusive. Trying to collect information about them without disturbing their natural habitats poses an even larger obstacle.

That being said, gathering data about their population and ecology is also vital to the survival of these beautiful animals.

After studying tigers for 25 years, Doctor K. Ullas Karanth of the Wildlife Conservation Society has found a solution. To avoid disturbing the animals, Karanth has set up remote “camera traps,” which photograph tigers, without them knowing, as they pass by his cameras. He’s then able to utilize his footage to identify and document the tigers.

With this data, he’s offered a more accurate way to count them and establish their population size. This more reliable method of documentation allows him to better protect the tigers in India’s Western Ghats.

Take a look at the video below to learn more!

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