Australian Bus Driver Stops Traffic To Rescue A Snake From Busy Road

A busy road in Queensland, Australia came to a screeching halt when a bus driver spotted a massive snake in the road and decided to do the right thing.

According to a Facebook post by 9 News Queensland, the Gold Coast bus driver “halted traffic on a busy road to save a huge snake from being squashed.”

Photo: Facebook/9 News Queensland

People watched on “in horror” and pulled out phones to record as the heroic bus driver got out of his vehicle and “casually picked up the mammoth python” to walk it through traffic to safety.

The man gently placed the snake in the grass on the side of the road before returning to his vehicle.

Photo: Facebook/9 News Queensland

Given how busy the road was, it’s likely that the large snake would’ve been squashed if it weren’t for the bus driver’s generosity and kind heart (not to mention bravery!).

One video of the incident was shared on Facebook by 9 News Australia and you can see the bus driver in action – and you can see how large the snake really is!

Photo: Facebook/9 News Queensland

Only in Australia.

Check out the video below:

Can you imagine driving along and witnessing this? What would you do if you saw a massive snake in the road? Let us know!

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