Bull Moose Traps Alaska Man In Shed

A doorbell security camera captured the moment a man was going to take his trash out and ended up being trapped by a moose!

The incident happened in Alaska and was captured by Curtis Phelps’ Ring camera. They say Alaska is the last frontier and it’s largely run by nature and wildlife. It takes respect for the landscape and animals to survive in an environment like that and it seems Phelps has just that.

In the video, you can see him walking out to his garbage shed on a sunny winter day. After he throws his trash in the shed, he turns to leave but a giant bull moose is behind him!

Photo: YouTube/Associated Press
Photo: YouTube/Associated Press

The bull moose approached slowly, a sign of warning and possible aggression. Thankfully, Phelps did the right thing as he calmly and quietly stepped back, opened his shed door, and locked himself inside.

With the shed between him and the moose, Phelps was safe! We’re not sure how long he ended up trapped in the shed, but it’s safe to say he made it out and back to his home unharmed in the end.

Photo: YouTube/Associated Press
Photo: YouTube/Associated Press

Many people commented on the video, suggesting the moose was just paying a friendly visit, but the Alaskan Government says otherwise.

According to their page about moose aggression: “A moose that sees you and walks slowly towards you is not trying to be your friend; it may be looking for a hand-out or warning you to keep away. All of these are dangerous situations and you should back away. Look for the nearest tree, fence, building, car, or other obstruction to duck behind.”

Photo: flickr/Gail Fisher

It went on to say that moose are generally thought of as being less dangerous than bears, but they cause far more injuries each year. Though not generally aggressive, moose can charge, stomp and kick when humans get too close. Weighing up to 1,500 pounds, it’s not surprising that they can do real damage to a measly 200-pound human!

Thankfully, Phelps made the right call by ducking back into the shed and protecting himself that way. It’s a good example of giving wildlife plenty of space and respect!

Watch the video below:

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