32 Pelicans Mutilated In Southern California: “Someone is intentionally breaking Brown Pelican’s wings.”

California officials are asking for help in finding the cruel individual(s) who mutilated dozens of brown pelicans.

The brutal attacks on the docile birds began in October of last year. The International Bird Rescue offered a $5,000 reward for any information, but still don’t have any suspects.

The pelicans first arrived with severe injuries to their necks and pouches, but now the iconic seabirds are arriving with broken wings.

Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center (WWCC), a rehabilitation center for wildlife in Huntington Beach, has taken in over 32 injured pelicans since October. Sadly, 22 arrived with severe compound fractures and were euthanized.

They posted, “Someone is intentionally breaking Brown Pelican’s wings. Over 32 Brown Pelicans have been mutilated between San Clemente and Huntington Beach.”

The remaining birds received emergency surgery, costing thousands of dollars per bird, and are still at risk of infections, which has already claimed the life of one.

Brown pelicans are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and it is a crime to harm them.

Photo: Pixabay

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“At this point we don’t have any suspects, we don’t have witnesses, we don’t have evidence other than the injured birds,” Captain Patrick Foy of California Fish and Wildlife’s law enforcement division told Los Angeles Times.

WWCC veterinarian Elizabeth wood said most of the injuries involved the humerus bone, which takes “significant force to break”.

The violent individual(s) is still out there and the wildlife rehabilitation center said, “We are losing sleep over this. But, we have faith in the public that someone will come forward with a credible tip.”

Photo: Pixabay

They are asking everyone to keep an eye out and report any suspicious behavior.

“We need your help to find whomever is performing this atrocious act. Be OUR eyes and ears: Be on the lookout when you are on or near our oceans,” wrote WWCC.

Anyone with information is asked to call the CalTIP hotline at 888-334-2258 and include penal code 597 in the report.

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