Brooklyn Man Created A Device To Remove Plastic Bags From Trees

It’s good practice to try and do your bit for the environment by making sure you properly dispose of your trash. Unfortunately, not everyone is as conscious about the environment as they should be. For Taylor Mali, he was growing more and more upset seeing so many plastic bags getting caught in the trees along his neighborhood in Brooklyn.

But rather than just stewing about it, Mali decided to take action. He decided to come up with a device that would allow him to remove these bags from tree branches.

The device that he invented was christened the “Snatchelator,” as it easily allowed him to reach up into the branches to snatch up the plastic bags that had become entangled. Then, once they were safely removed he could properly dispose of them.

His Snatchelator was inspired by octopi with their eight limbs, which is why Mali took four metal “L” braces and attached them to a paint roller handle. He then attached the paint roller to the top of an extendable pole so that he could adjust for height differences in the trees. And it seemed to work quite well.

Mali started taking his Snatchelator with him on different bag-snatching missions around his Carroll Gardens neighborhood. He has even offered his services, free of charge, to other Brooklyn neighborhoods in his vicinity, such as Boerum Hill, Gowanus, Red Hook, and Cobble Hill.

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As Mali explained, the reason for his contraption having awkwardly angled metal spears is to that he can twist the Snatchelator in any direction in order to trap the bag and allow it to become entangled in the metal rods. Once it’s wrapped around the L braces, he’s able to pull it down.

He did admit, “Sometimes I accidentally bring a few twigs and small branches down on top of me, but I always believe that the trees will gladly pay that price to be rid of the bag that might otherwise have stayed for years.”

He is so dedicated to his bag removal that he’s created a link to Google form so that anyone in his area can log a request to get a bag out of a tree.

We definitely need more people like this in the world. The environment is no doubt thankful to Mali for doing his part to make the world that bit greener.

Watch him demonstrate his Snatchelator’s use in the video below:

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