Brazilian Jewel Tarantulas Are Arguably The Most Beautiful Spiders In The World

There are certain facts about spiders that most people with arachnophobia don’t care to know. These include the possibility that a spider is never more than 10 feet away from us (true or not).

On the other hand, knowing that male Brazilian jewel tarantulas live for a short amount of time may be a comfort. On the other hand, the females live three times longer.

It seems that the female Brazilian jewel tarantulas can live up to 15 years but the males only live about four years. Those spiders, with the scientific name of typhochlaena seladonia, may not be a favorite if you are afraid of spiders, but then again, they are much more beautiful than most of our eight-legged foes. Twitter user @ok_girlfriend shared some photos of the beautiful species on Twitter.

Photo: Twitter / ok_girlfriend

Perhaps it is the colors on these tarantulas that make them so beautiful. They can include black, blue, yellow, red, and pink, but their colors are not limited to that list.

They also have two-toned iridescent legs and some people consider them to be the most beautiful spider in the world.

Photo: Twitter / ok_girlfriend

If you are looking for one of these arachnids, you will have to go to the Atlantic rain forest in Bahia and Sergipe, Brazil.

They hide in the bark of trees, creating a trap door so they can come and go without being detected. If some unsuspecting critter happens to wander by, the spider jumps out and claims its prize.

Photo: Twitter / ok_girlfriend

The female Brazilian jewel tarantula has more of a claim to fame than just living longer than the male. They also are a larger size and their leg span can reach as much as 2.5 inches!

I’m just happy to know them from a distance.

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