Boaters Approach Floating Whale Moments Before It Explodes

Boaters in California went to investigate a floating object, but they weren’t prepared for what was about to happen.

As the boaters approached the object near Tomales Bay, they discovered it was a dead whale. The whale’s body had filled with gases and was floating on the surface of the water. The boaters slowly floated by the whale to get a better look and one of them foreshadowed what was about to happen.

In the video of the incident shared on YouTube, one the men can be heard saying, “whales have been known to explode, too.” Just seconds after he speaks those words, blood and guts burst from the whale.

Photo: YouTube/WTF Outdoors
Photo: YouTube/WTF Outdoors
Photo: YouTube/WTF Outdoors

The pressure of the gases in the whale proved to be too much, resulting in an explosion.

WTF! Outdoors shared the video, saying, “We came across this dead whale on the California coast near Tomales Bay right before it exploded!” Watch the video below:

There have been multiple reports of exploding whales recorded throughout time, with some being a result of a gas build-up (like in the one from the video) and others being a result of human interference.

In one slightly traumatic case, locals of Tainan, Taiwan got close and personal with an exploding whale. The whale was being hauled behind a truck through town as it was on its way to a research center for an autopsy. However, before reaching its destination, the gases in the whale created too much pressure and its body exploded – splattering nearby shops and people with blood and guts.

Then, there was the case of the Great Whale Explosion of Oregon in 1970. That whale explosion had the help of human interaction, but the results weren’t what people expected.

When the dead whale washed ashore in Florence, OR, authorities decided to blast it away in an explosion.

Photo: flickr/ajay_suresh

It would’ve been a great plan if it worked, but instead, the explosion sent giant chunks of blubber and guts flying into the air. They ended up hitting buildings, cars, and people and causing quite a bit of damage.

Watch the explosion video below:

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