“One-In-Two-Million” Blue Lobster Found By Novice Fisherman In Cornwall

The deep blue sea is home to all kinds of fascinating creatures — even deep blue lobsters! Fishermen have long known that the crustacean can come in all kinds of colors, with a rainbow of rare variants popping up from time to time.

In Cornwall, England, a novice fisherman got the catch of a lifetime with a “one-in-two-million” blue lobster.

“This is only my second fishing season so I think I’ve been very lucky,” explained 25-year-old Tom Lambourn to Metro UK. The catch, which happened in the small town of Penzance along the Cornwall coast, was photo-worthy for sure!


However, due to the lobster’s small size, Lambourn decided to release it back to the sea. “I measured it and it was undersized so there was never any thought of keeping it,” he added to The Metro, referring to the minimum landing size recommendations for the UK’s southwestern coast.

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The measure is endorsed by the National Lobster Hatchery as “a great way to ensure that we protect immature animals by giving them a future and improved chance to produce offspring of their own.”


Lambourn shared his find with the National Hatchery through photos and learned that the rare coloration only happens once in every two million lobsters. The beautiful cerulean hue, caused by the overproduction of the protein crustacyanin, definitely makes the creature stand out — which is not always a benefit for prey like lobsters, who rely on the ability to camouflage themselves when needed.

Still, such a striking appearance places the lobster with the likes of Banana, a “one-in-30-million” yellow lobster discovered recently, and the “crystal” albino lobster found in 2011 that was assessed as a “one-in-100-million” find.


Fishermen tend to view rare finds like this as a sign of good luck, with the catch often being released or handed over to conservationists and researchers.

It turned out to be a lucky day for both Lambourn and his catch, and as the photos are spread and shared, it serves as a great glimpse into the beauty and diversity of the deep blue sea!

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