Rescued Black Bear Loves Having Her Hair Brushed

Orphaned Wildlife in Otisville, New York is a non-profit organization that has been caring for wild animals since 1996. However, it wasn’t until 2012 that the organization found its true calling: rescuing bears.

As they shared on their website, in 2012, they received a call to help a black bear that’d been hit by a car. He was paralyzed and on the brink of death. Through a lot of care and dedication, they were able to rehabilitate the large animal and give him a second chance at life.

While their focus is always to get wild animals back into the wild, it’s not always possible for one reason or another. So, Orphaned Wildlife made the decision to open itself to be a permanent home for bears in need, for those who couldn’t survive in the wild.

Photo: Pixabay

Most of their resident bears are Syrian brown bears, a near-extinct species. After a failed breeding program produced several of these bears but couldn’t release them, they found a home with the organization, and its owner – Susan and Jim.

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Susan has been working with bears since she was a small child, as her father worked closely with bears. Having been around them her whole life, Susan is said to have a sense about bears that others can’t understand, and she uses that to build deep and trusting relationships with the animals she works with.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Her relationship with her animals is something nearly unheard of, and it’s clear to see in one particular video shared by Orphaned Wildlife.

In the video, a Syrian brown bear-black bear mix named Maddy can be seen laying on the ground in her enclosure. Susan walks up to the giant bear with a hairbrush and begins brushing the animal’s hair out.

Photo: YouTube/Orphaned Wildlife Center
Photo: YouTube/Orphaned Wildlife Center

Maddy clearly loves the attention and brushing, and it’s not long before she rolls onto her back to get some belly rubs and more brushing.

It’s so adorable!

Photo: YouTube/Orphaned Wildlife Center

The bear can even be heard making happy grunting noises the whole time.

Watch the sweet moment in the video below:

Sadly, 14-year-old Maddy has since passed away from cancer. She’ll always be remembered as a sweet bear who loved watermelon, cuddling with her pack, and getting her hair brushed. Rest in peace, Maddy!

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