Black Bear Chases Bicyclist On Montana Mountain Trail In Viral Video

Sometimes, we forget that nature is more than just beautiful trails or awe-inspiring sunsets. It can be a heart-pounding race for survival if things go south.

A Facebook video that proves this exact truth has gone viral.

In the video, you can see a black bear pursuing a bicyclist down a Montana mountain trail, gaining ground, and cutting through bushes and undergrowth as the cyclist pedals for his life!


“A quick reminder that Montana is not Disney Land…” read the video’s caption, continuing, “Black bear chasing a downhill mountain biker in Whitefish, MT.😳😳😳” Originally shared by the Montana Knife Company, the video highlights a rare but not unheard of part of life in The Treasure State.

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“We are not at the top of the food chain,” writes Whitefish tourism site “Everyone should carry bear spray while recreating in the park, and be familiar with how to use it under pressure,” the site advises.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The short video, captured from a nearby chairlift, tells only part of a bigger story that we (as of yet) don’t know. Whether the bicyclist in the viral video ended up needing to use the close-quarters repellant is unknown, since no one has been able to identify the person involved, or learn more about the incident.

This seems like a case of “no news is good news,” though, since anything more than a close call like this would likely have been reported to and by the local authorities.


The Whitefish, Montana area is home to both black bears and grizzly bears, which has led to other encounters in the recent past.

A post from Montana Public Radio explained that “Spring is here, and that means bears in Montana are leaving their dens.”

Watch the full video below!

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