Over 1,000 Birds Fly Down Chimney And Swarm California Family Home

In a scene straight out of Hitch’s The Birds, hundreds of birds swarmed a family home in California, letting themselves in through the chimney.

The family from Torrance, California returned from dinner on Wednesday, April 21, to find their house had been invaded by hundreds of birds, identified as swifts, according to KTLA.

The birds made their way down the chimney and into the house by the hundreds, where they refused to leave.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

According to the news station, homeowner Kerri, who lives in the house alongside her husband and child, realized they couldn’t handle the birds on their own so they contacted local police who referred them to animal control.

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Animal control, however, told them to simply leave their doors open – which didn’t prove helpful since the birds were not going anywhere.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The family got a hotel room for a few nights while the swifts flew wild in their house, taking over every room and leave bird droppings everywhere. The event is eerily similar to the scene in The Birds where the house is swarmed by birds through the chimney.

A relative, Patrick Belleville, who arrived to help with the birds shared with KTLA:

“They acted like they wanted to get out, but they [weren’t] going [anywhere]. They were just flying around, just everywhere, every room in the house, every bathroom.”

It ended up taking the family 3 days to remove the birds by hand, trapping them and letting them go outside. They removed over 1,500 birds from their house by hand.

Photo: Pixabay

Oddly enough, a similar incident occurred just 100 miles away in the town of Montecito. Around 1,000 birds swarmed a chimney and would’ve entered the house had they not gotten caught against a metal grate.

Photo: Instagram/montecitofire

Montecito Fire Service shared a photo of the incident on Instagram, saying:

“Every day is different in the fire service! Sunday night, your Montecito firefighters were called to a home where about 1,000 small birds had become trapped in the chimney. We worked with Santa Barbara County Animals Services to figure out how to safely free the birds. We had hoped they would fly up and out the flue on their own overnight. County Animal Services worked diligently throughout the day to design a chute system to funnel the birds out of the fireplace and release them through the home’s back doors. We are grateful for the positive outcome to this unusual call and the opportunity to problem-solve with our partners at Santa Barbara County Animal Services.”

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