Songbird Steals Fur From Sleeping Fox To Build Its Nest

A brave songbird was caught on camera stealing fur right off a sleeping fox for its nest.

The footage came from Austin, Texas, captured on a game camera. In the video, you can see a fox lounging in the sunshine when a small, black-crested titmouse flies down and hops onto its back.

Considering foxes sometimes enjoy songbirds for lunch, it’s surprising the little bird chose such a dangerous target to gather supplies for a nest.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Not only did the little bird land directly on the sleeping fox, but it seemed to tease and annoy it!

Texas Backyard Wildlife shared the footage, and explained, “She pecked at the fox, jumped on his back, and launched little kicks at his side, and every time the fox stirred and tried to get her to leave him in peace, she flitted out of reach. And then came back.”

Photo: YouTube/Texas Backyard Wildlife

“What on earth was the titmouse thinking? She could so easily have wound up being lunch,” they added.

In the video, they mistook the bird for a tufted titmouse, but corrected themselves in the description, saying it’s actually a black-crested titmouse.

As it turns out, the little bird was probably just searching for some fine insulation for its nest. The National Audubon Society explained that black-crested titmouses, generally the females, build nests in old woodpecker holes or natural tree cavities.

Photo: YouTube/Texas Backyard Wildlife

They said the birds build the nests using “grass, moss, leaves, bark strips, lined with soft materials, especially animal hair.”

If I were to guess, I would’ve assumed the birds gathered animal hair from animals that weren’t their natural predators! The more you know.

Watch the video below:

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