Photographer Captures Beautiful Photos Of Birds That Look Like Moving Sculptures

It seems like the entire world is looking down at their mobile devices so they often miss what is taking place in the real world. A Catalan photographer named Xavi Bou is doing his best to change that with ‘Ornitographies‘, a photo series that is taking a closer look at patterns created by birds while they are flying.

Bou has a keen interest in nature that stems back to long walks that he took in his youth with his grandfather. Because he has such a love for the natural world, he went to the University of Barcelona and earned a degree in geology. He also studied photography and has brought the two together in a unique way.

“One of the topics that interest me is to make visible that in our near environment, we have more variety of fauna than most people imagine — we just have to pay attention,” Bou told Insider. “It is not necessary to travel to distant places to enjoy nature.”

He lives in Catalonia, Spain and he takes many of his photographs in that area. This includes the following picture from Emporda which looks somewhat like a tornado.

The following picture was taken in the skies of Delta de l’Ebre

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Here is another from Montgai

Bou has also traveled to other parts of the world to take similar pictures. When visiting Iceland, he took a picture of the nesting cliffs of seabirds.

He wrote in the caption, “Dragons exist!”

The following is a beautiful picture of starlings taking off from a tree in Estany d’Ibars Vilaseca

Bou is doing this for a very specific reason.

“[W]hat I would like them to take away is to arouse curiosity for nature again,” Bou tells Insider. “[W]e love those we know and protect what we love.”

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