Photographers Capture A Bird Formation That Looked Like A Massive Bird

One of my favorite things about nature is its power of surprise. You never know when you’re going to encounter something awe-inspiring.

The entirety of the natural world is a beautiful place, but there is something particularly magical about the Irish countryside.

Once you’ve experienced the lushness that is the Emerald Isle, you can totally understand why the country has produced so many writers and poets. It’s the type of place that photographers love to take pictures of.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

And for two photographers, James Crombie and Colin Hogg of Inpho Sports Photography, they happened to be in the right place at the right time in order to capture a truly magnificent photo.

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The two were out in County Westmeath in Ireland, near Lough Ennell. It was there that they were able to photograph the precise moment when a group of starling birds formed the most incredible formation. They waited for hours as the starlings made shapes – hoping to capture a truly stunning one.

Photo: YouTube/Colin Hogg

Finally, the moment happened. The formation made the shape of a large bird with broad wings.

It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime photo – something that the two photographers had been spending weeks attempting to capture.

Photo: Instagram/inphojames

As Hogg explained in the video below, “After months of chasing these birds around Lough Ennel, Co. Westmeath. James Crombie and I captured a unique display.”

The shot actually came from a video. You can watch and see the birds move from one formation to the next until they land in the shape of a large, black bird.

Watch the video below:

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